Hey its ya girl, Ashley Ave. With the world being at a standstill, I thought I would take this time to give you a more personal insight of my new release that’s now streaming on all digital platforms. (Click the artwork to stream) “Up Right Now”, is new to many but truth is I released this junt back in 2017 to my small(er) fan base. It was one of the guy’s favorites and the ladies felt liberated, so I thought it was fair to share this with my new fans and supporters.

Sometimes as artists we feel that the only way of reaching our fans is through the music. I wanted to go further; Besides, fearlessness develops authenticity.

The Inspiration Behind The Look

I really got a chance to talk my shit. I took a moment to acknowledge some haters and as I like to put it, "smack my own ass a little bit". Most importantly, this song is a conversation with myself, about myself. The lyrics speak power into the parts of me that are broken and could use a little encouragement. It's also an attempt to empower others that may struggle with self love and self esteem.

When photographer/director Ariel “Skin” Thomas and fashion designer, Demi Black asked me what I wanted this artwork to say, I replied, “something that says unapologetic, fearless, radical.”

I started with the hair, thats always my surrounding point. Course hair, to me, reflects power and strength. The coils signify complexity. In the past, nappy hair has been referred to as "bad" hair because it appears to be untamable. That's exactly what I love about it; I wanted to amplify that.

When my shades go on, its all about me. It’s like I push “mute” on the world while turning my personal volume up! I'm no Summer Walker, but I definitely get my share of anxiety. Sometimes I need cues that reinforce the mindset of " I'm that bitch!" Shades make me feel like, I can see the world but the world can't see me.

Fishnets have a way of making me feel so sexually liberated, providing security while letting me be free. I think a part of every woman needs to feel this to understand that there is power in ownership. The dangling rings served as icing on the cake, chocolate cake.

Watch my interview with Memphis Lyrics Decoded as I break down the lyrics to "Up Right Now".

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